2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier Luxurious Design


2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier is one of the latest concepts of BMW car to be launched. The Bugatti CEO, Wolfgang Durheimer, said that the production is still in the second phase of designing its model. Furthermore, he also stated that the concept will be changed from the one that was firstly shown to public. The likelihood of a new concept is likely to be awaited since it will have an exclusive design.

2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier Specification

2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier has no much of detailed information of the features and specification for the car concept. It is known that the concept was firstly shown in 2010. The machine is rumored to use 16cyl engine that can use both biofuel and gasoline. It also will retain dual-clutch gearbox. Moreover, the 2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier will have 1000 horsepower so that it will make the car be one of the fastest cars in its class.

There is no much leaked on the specific details of the car but it definitely will be a luxurious car. It is issued that 2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier will be a competitor for other luxury cars such as Audi W16, Audi V8, Lamborghini and Ferrari. In addition, the production may take place in Molsheim, France, since the facilities is fully equipped right there. In a time, you can see full specification of this new car on 2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier Specs.

2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier: The Luxurious Design

2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier still is consistent in delaying the production of the car. It is because the production of Bugatti Veyron is significant and required to be finished first that the 16c Galibier. The official name for the model has not been decided. Moreover, it is issued that Volkswagen has offered their support for Bugatti 16c Galibier. In an interview, it is revealed that the interior will use porcelain ornaments and ergonomic rear seats.

It is also rumored that the 16c Galibier will have a hybrid model. Even though it is likely impossible for a limousine with a hybrid system but the company believes that it will be a huge success. Regarding the price of the car, it is estimated $1.4 million for the production of one car. However, it is still unsure so that you have to wait for the fixed of 2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier Price. Therefore, be ready for 2017 Bugatti 16c Galibier release date.




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