2018 Nissan Terra SUV concept


2018 Nissan Terra SUV concept reminds us about the exterior of Nissan Juke. Designed and developed based on Murano and Qashqai. 2018 Nissan Terra SUV concept is imagined as the one and only zero emission SUV. It combines both Nissan strengths which are SUVs and EVs. Gliding silently on the road powered by its electric 3-motor AWD. Cool SUV exterior design represents athletic eco-appeal with modern toughness, an attention grabber on the road.

2018 Nissan Terra is a Modern and Functional its providing the Terra's 4x4 capability. Nissan crosses a new frontier in zero emission technologies with the TeRRA SUV Concept; meeting a growing need for sustainable mobility that can and will go anyplace you want to go. Featuring big, rugged tires, thick pillars, and a trim waist between pronounced fenders, TeRRA is similarly in its element off-road as it is gliding silently through innovative urban settings.

2018 Nissan Terra Unique Interior Design

2018 Nissan Terra is open up both the front and rear-hinged doors and exterior toughness gives way to a spacious and pleasing interior, sculpted in a fusion of blond wood lean and colored acrylic. This wood/metal compare exudes a soft warmth, giving the TeRRa’s cabin an ultra modern feel.

2018 New Nissan Terra have a innovative Digital Display, its Alternatively of a traditional instrument panel, TeRRA is equipped with a dockable electronic tablet that also acts as the SUV’s Intelligent Key. When docked, the tablet displays speed and performance indicators, and serves as the hub for the entertainment, navigation, and communication systems. Outside of the vehicle the tablet performs just like other popular portable devices, keeping you connected wherever you go.

2018 Nissan Terra unique diagonal seating puts the driver front and—nearly—center, for exceptional visibility and a fresh perspective on the road. The front passenger seat is angled slightly behind the driver's seat, and the same pattern repeats in the back. The three passenger seats can even be folded flat, leaving plenty of space to carry bikes, kayaks, or assemble-yourself furniture.

2018 Nissan Terra Fuel Cell Technology

The Nissan TeRRA Concept features three electric motors, powered by a 4x4 fuel cell electric powertrain. TeRRA borrows the electric system of the Nissan LEAF® to power the front wheels. While two in-wheel electric motors power the rear. Under the hood, Nissan's proprietary hydrogen fuel cell stack a flat, compact unit with a world-leading power density of 2.5kW/L brings zero emissions into new territory. SUV territory, to be precise.

Ostensibly, 2018 Nissan Terra is a template for a zero-emission, hydrogen-powered SUV. The hydrogen fuel-cell pack (which costs a fifth to produce versus the fuel-cells Nissan was developing in 2005) produces electricity that powers three on-board electric motors.

Source: http://www.nissanusa.com


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