Audi 2017 A4 The New Elegant Car


Audi 2017 A4 is the next generation of the Audi A4, which is the 4th generation of the executive compact sedan car. Audi is one of the subsidiaries of Germans Volkswagen. Which is one of the most popular European car manufacturers in the world. Audi is a subsidiary that focused on making elegant European coupe car. They already considered very successful since they always have a great sales number in the world.


Audi 2017 A4 Design

Audi 2017 A4 will most probably keep their present car design without doing much change to the exterior parts of the car. The A4 has always been famous because of its simple yet elegant design of the coupe sedan. Audi doesn’t have many tight competitors in the European coupe sedan manufacturer area since there aren’t a lot of car manufacturers that make European coupe car. 2017 Audi A4 redesign should be focused more on the interior since interior update is a good thing to have for Audi.

There could still be 4 models for the new Audi 2017 A4 since the present and previous model has all the 4 models as options. The first one is the normal sedan Audi that is the most common model of Audi 2017 A4. The second one is the Avant model which has a different body with a bigger van model. The third is A4L, which is a longer wheel base of the car. The fourth is the Quattro model that uses an all-wheel drive control.


Audi 2017 A4 Powertrain

Audi 2017 A4 will probably still use the present model A4 machine with TFSI engine that already build a great reputation as a powerful engine to have in your car. There are plenty of variants to the TFSI engine depending on the Liter measurement of the car. These variants ensure that many buyers from all kinds of economic background could afford to buy the Audi 2017 A4. It also has many variants of transmission systems from the manual to the Multitronic automatic transmission.

Overall the new Audi A4 would be most probably a carryover from the present model since there haven’t been a lot of technological advancements in the car technology. The most imminent upgrade must have in the interior features that could be making better with more features. There hasn’t been an official 2017 Audi A4 release date, but it will probably be released later this year. Audi 2017 A4 should get more and more increased sales number with some upgrade that it should have.


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