Honda Freed 2015 New Family Car Review


Honda Freed 2015 is the next year model of the popular mini MPV that only sold in the Japan and South East Asia Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Freed is the minivan that is developed within the platform of Honda Jazz/Fit. Which is one of the Japanese car manufacturer most popular cars. The new Honda Freed will surely be a great addition to Honda cars family that already has many popular names like Jazz, Acura, Ridgeline or other Honda cars.

Honda Freed 2015

Honda Freed 2015 Powertrain Specification

Honda Freed 2015 has two engine options to choose for. The normal engine and hybrid engine which provide less power, but much more fuel efficiency. Honda has been a great hybrid car manufacturer ever since they are able to make one car with a hybrid engine in the late 90’s. The hybrid Freed is very popular in Japan where there are more expensive gas price than in the other countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Honda Freed 2015 will still use the present model of the car which is the 1.5L engine that gives 118 horsepower. It’s a decent power to be produced for a car. That its main function acts as a family car that doesn’t need much speed to begin with. Honda Freed 2015 will still sell well in the family car market with the old engine that gives a good amount of power to the car.

Honda Freed 2015 new

Honda Freed 2015 Compact Mini MPV Design

Honda Freed 2015 design will not have many changes or redesign since the previous design is already a good design. It will still have the Jazz/Fit platform and still looking to be the present Mini MPV design. The car has already received Honda Freed facelift 2012 so most likely there will be no exterior redesign. The only changes that we can expect is in the interior design. Some improvements would be a great addition to the interior features.

In this Honda Freed review, we could see that there won’t be many major changes to the upcoming model. Honda needs to keep giving update to the Honda Freed model to ensure that. It could hold on the Mini MPV market share that it already has. The price of the new Honda Freed would still depend on the country price. Since the price differs in each country. Honda Freed 2015 will be one of the good competitors for family car class.

Honda Freed 2015 hybrid



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